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Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti (Harathi) Darshan Puja Tickets Book Online now @ online.sai.org.in

Sri Shirdi Sai baba Harathi Tickets aarti (Kakad aarti, Madhyan Harathi, Dhoop Aarti, Seja Harati) Tickets Online booking Check Availability. Shirdi Sai Temple Satyanaraya Maha Puja, Abhishekam online booking released now @ online.sai.org.in

Sai baba Aarti is performed 4 times in each day irrespective of calendar in every Shirdi Sai temple all over the world. Early morning Kakad aarti is performed and durind noon time Madhyan Harathi is performed. Temple evening darshan starts with Dhoop Aarti and concludes the day with seja harati of sai baba. In this article devotees can get complete details about Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti Tickets online booking. It is known to every one that each harathi of Sai baba is broadcasted live in all devotional channels, Sai bhakti channel and other mediums.

Timings of Shirdi Saibaba Aarti:

Kakad Aarti (Early Morning harathi)5:30 AM to 6:30 AM
Madhyan Aarti (Noon Harathi)12:00 PM to 12:45 PM
Dhoop Aarti (Evening Harathi)6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Seja Aarti (Night Harathi)10:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Kakad Aarti (Kadaka Harathi) in Shirdi Online Booking & details:

First ever aarti which is performed in shirdi temple is kakad harathi. Starting time is 5:30 AM in early morning and darshan will be opened to devotees once kakad aarti is started. Temple priests will clean the holy stage of baba samadhi and change the clothes on Baba Idol & Mahasamadhi. There are special singers who are assigned to sing in baba’s darbar and they will announce the start of Kakad Aarti. This aarti is performed for about 25 minutes and singers will sing the holy hymn.

  • visit online.sai.org.in website and login using your registered user account. Check online.sai.org.in User Creation guide if you are a new user to book darshan.
  • go to aarti menu and choose the date in calendar and choose the available date which you want to book ticket.
  • In next option choose Kakad aarti and select number of pilgrims to book Aarti Ticket. Maximum 6 persons are allowed per each ticket.
  • Fill devotee details Enter name, Age, Select Gender & upload passport size photo of each and everyone. Primary devotee is automatically filled with registered user data.
  • Cost per each Devotee for Kakad Aarti is 500 Rupees approximately and Payment gateway charges, Reservation fees might be levied at the time of checkout and payment.

Madhyan Aarti (Noon Harathi) in Shirdi Online Booking & check Availability:

Madhyan aarti is performed @ 12 PM every afternoon. This aarti is performed around 40 Minutes and same process is followed for performing madhyan aarti. Holy stage is cleaned of all flowers and baba idol is cleansed with a cloth carefully. Previous decorations are removed and new set of robes are adorned to baba idol an samadhi. Now Naivedyam is also offered along with aarti to Sai baba.

Booking process is same as other types of aarti. Devotees need to report 30 min before harathi timings. During the complete harathi one can stand infront of baba idol and watch the complete procession without any interruption of darshan. Sarva Darshan is stopped during the aarti.

Shirdi sai baba Dooph Aarti (Evening Harathi) online booking:

Every day during the time of sunset Dooph aarti is performed in shridi sai baba temple. During Doop Aarti Devotees who booked tickets for Dooph Harathi are only allowed to see the harathi.

Dooph Harathi in Shridi is the lengthiest one among all the 4 which are performed. Check the availability of Dooph Harathi Tickets in Shridi sai Temple online @ online.sai.org.in website.

In homepage choose aarti Option in menu and Choose your desired date. List of available days are marked green. Blue denotes Quota not released and Red color denotes Quota is fully booked.

Devotees can book tickets in advance of 7 days maximum prior to thier arrival to temple for Aarti. Tickets once issued are not transferable or Refunded under any circumstances.

Shirdi Sai Seja Aarti Ticket Online Booking & details:

Seja Aarti is the last aarti performed in Sai baba temple. After this aarti temple is closed for the day. During this aarti Baba Idol is changed with new clothes and temple singers starts singing of Seja Aarti.

Singers will announce the starting of Seja Aarti and they will tell complete schedule of each aarti and pujas.

Its advisable for all devotees to get vaccinated 2 doses and produce Covid Vaccinated certificate at the time of entry. Once Seja Aarti is completed Priests will install mosquito screens and close the temple gates to be reopened.

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