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Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets Booking Process Online Info

Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan SSD counters Free Darshan Booking. Check TTD SSD Counters list, Locations and Darshan Slot Booking Process.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board has started a new initiative for giving the devotees a quick and easy darshan. Previously Pilgrims who have visited for Tirumala Darshan Trip Package tour need to use any one of the darshan methods. They are 300 Rupees E-Special Entry Darshan, Foot Path Pilgrims Darshan, Sarvadarshanam.

The special entry darshan was available to book in online @ ttdsevaonline.com website only. The other methods are available only when visited by the person. Around many people who have visited Tirumala will go for free darshan which is named as Sarva Darshan.

Two Q-complexes called Vaikunam and Sudarshan are there with waiting compartments. But Devotees are not able to visit all the other places which are on Tirumala like Papanasanam, Hathiramji Mutt, Varahaswamy temple, Aakasa Ganga, Jubaali or Japaali etc.

To promote cultural attraction and local tourism, TTD started a new initiavite called Slotted Sarva Darshanam shortly called SSD. Tirumala board has started the current time slot booking counters for free darshan at various locations in Tirumala, Tirupati and other public places.

Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Counter

Steps to get Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets in online at Tirupati:

The scheme is old but the public reach is new. In previous days People are allowed to leave the compartments once and only they have waited for 2 hours to take re-entry passes.

Now things have changed. Devotees with Proper ID card like UID Aadhar card must approach the SSD ticket counter.

There the ticket issuer will capture the aadhar details, and will give photo entry pass with allotted darshan time. Devotees must approach the entry gate with their proper Identification to get entry in the darsha q. This is free of cost and no need to wait for more and more time.

There are total 109 Slotted Sarva Darshan Counters have been assembled for pilgrims service. Any where they can get the entry passes or change their darshan timings.

Now Voter ID and AAdhar is recognized as ID proof for adults. Children below 18 years are given by IRIS capture.

Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets Booking Counters list and Locations:

Location 1 :

CRO office, Tirumala (Vijaya Bank Counter)

Number of counters available: 10

Location 2:

Tirumala RTC Bustand

Number of Counters Availbale: 8

Location 3:

Kousthubam Guest House, Tirumala

Number of counters: 8

Location 4:

Nandakam Guest House

Number of counters: 4

Location 5:

Srivari Mettu Final steps (near MBC 34 Cottages)

Number of Counters: 3

Location 6:

Alipiri FootPath

Number of Counters: 12

Location 7:

Vishnuvasam Pilgrim Center, Tirupati

Number of Counters: 22

Location 8:

Srinivasam Pilgrim Center, Tirupati

Number of Counters: 5

Location 9:

Bhudevi Complex, Tirupati

Number of Counters: 10

Location 10:

RTC Bustand, Tirpati

Number of Counters: 12

Location 11:

Behind II and III Choultries in Tirupati Railway Station.

Number of Conters: 6

112 thoughts on “Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets Booking Process Online Info”

          1. November quota tickets are fully booked madam. Please try Virtual Arjitha seva and schedule your darshan accordingly.

        1. 10லிருந்து 17 சர்வ தரிசன டிக்கெட் வேண்டும் தொலைபேசி எண் 8754744647

    1. If I come to Thirumala by bus, can I get slotted sarva darshan ticket there in counters by showing Aadhar , without online booking?

      1. எனக்கு இலவசதரினடிக்கெட்புக்கிங்செய்யவேண்டும்

    1. for u r information i share my experience i visit every month to get blessings from lord balaji. u can get tickets from 10pm in tirumala counters, 12am (next day) from tirupati areas. 100% its usefull system



  1. sir,
    Sarva Darshan Tickets Booking Counters Available in Sri kalahashi & Renugunta Rail Way Station


  2. Planning visit Balaji darshan 1). Sarvadarshan is easy or 2) ₹.300 darshan easy please need your help because we are senior citizen wants have peaceful darshan Lord Balaji.

    Thank you

    1. u book 300rs.ticket and pls book mrng slots so u can get blessings early and withour soo much rush like 9 am, 10 am slots.. and if u didnt get tickets means pls visit south gate by 8am they will arrange senior citizen slot. else come ssd counter u get time slot take rest and get blessings

  3. Sir my family 13 is coming to tirumala,one member did not get her I’d proof,please choose to me a alternative way divyadarshan

  4. Can I book ticket one day in advance.how long it takes to Balaji darshan after entering in the SSD fixed time?How many laddus are eligible

  5. J girimallikarjun

    Sir I am visiting tirupati on 10 October 2018 and planning for Sri Balaji darshan 9n 11 or 12 October 2018 I have MP recommend letter VIP breakup darshan and physically disabled certificate . want know location of joint executive officer office and seva sarvadarshan counters location and their Woking hours at tirupati tirumala

    1. Hey Balu, u can visit 7 days once for eg: if u visit today i mean 17 nov saturday means u cant get ssd token for nxt 7 days after that u can get blessings from lord balaji.

  6. how much time will it take to get the SSD token.
    I shall reach Tirupati on October 27, 2018 in evening. so when should i take the que to get the token

    Kindly reply.


  7. Dear sr,

    i am planning to visit tirupati in between dec 6 th and 1oth 2018.(2 Adult and 1,5 old kid).
    Please let us know SSD available at that time also how much time will it take to get the SSD token.

    Is it possible to take darshan on same day or next day when i arrive ?

  8. Plz suggest me how to get sarva darshan tickets in tirupati. We will reach tirupati this Friday around 9.00 pm. Plz help us


  9. Hello Sir
    I am from Tirunelveli Dt, Tamilnadu. This is my first visit to Tirupati with my family, I already booked train tickets and reach’s on 12th December 2018 at 1:00 am at Tirupati main station. Let me know the nearest sarva Darshan ticket counter & room facilities and tarrif provided by TTD. Kindly advise me how to manage this trip plesent and safe in limited timing.

  10. I want to visit on 26th of December can i go to tiruapathi/tirumala on 25th and get a ticket for 26th darshan through slotted seva darshan

  11. Sir
    I am working in kerala forest department as a section Forest office er any free consideration for dharan sri bakavi please give me two entry ticket

    1. Dear rejimon,
      1. Divya darshan token (for pedestrians) is free
      2. sarva darshan is also free

      You don’t need to ask anybody or take favours….

  12. ఫ్రెండ్స్ నేను తేదీ 30 12 2018 న మధ్యాహ్నం పన్నెండు గంటలకల్లా నా కుటుంబం తో పాటుగా తిరుమల కి చేరుకుంటాను. నేను ఇప్పటివరకు దర్శనం కోసం ఎటువంటి ముందస్తు రిజర్వేషన్ చేయించుకోలేదు.
    నాకు సులభంగా దర్శనము అయ్యేవిధంగా సరైన మార్గాన్ని సూచిస్తారని కోరుకుంటున్నాను.

  13. Sir I planned to get divya dharshan ticket but seems its getting full fast..so while climbing via alipri can I get Sarva dharshan ticket to be in safer side and then climb the hillb?

    Will there be any problem if I get two tickets Sarva and divya dharshan ticket at same time ?

  14. Hi, we have 3 members and want book SSD tickets. Problem is 2 other people not able stand in queue so can I stand in queue and collect 3 tickets on behalf of them



  16. Is SSD booking is for same day only? Is there any provision for advance booking for Sarva Darshan? At what time earliest SSD booking starts at SSD counter for same day? Is it 12 AM midnight?
    Anyone who knows please answer.

  17. Vennela sreenivasulu

    సర్ నమస్తే, నేను శనివారం అంటే 12th October 2019 న balaaji darshanam కోసం వస్తున్నాను. ఆరోజు time slot booking అవకాశం వుందా. Pls thelupagalaru

  18. To hari

    I want to take sarvadarshan ticket from Tirupati. Does there any need to present every member in queue? Or shall I take everyone’s token with their adhaar card?

  19. எனக்கு இலவசதரினடிக்கெட்புக்கிங்செய்யவேண்டும்

  20. If I come to Thirumala by bus, can I get slotted sarva darshan ticket there in counters by showing Aadhar , without online booking?


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