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TTD Kalyana Vedika – Hindu Marriages in Tirumala Booking Procedure

TTD Kalyana Vedika Marriage by TTD board for Hindu Couples on Tirumala. Apply for Registered Marriage in Tirumala. Book Kalyanamandapam, Marriage Halls, Guest House for Accommodation, Book Purohit and Darshan. Kalyanotsavam Tickets for newly Married Couples in Tirumala check now.

Tirumala – Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple is currently the largest and most famous temple in the world in terms of pilgrim attraction. The infrastructure and facilities for devotees in every aspect has reached peaks in recent years. As Lord Srinivasa is the ceremonial lord of marriage, Kalyanotsavam is a dialy seva.

Many people believe marrying on this sacred hill will enlighten their marital life with blessings of lord venkateswara swamy. Let us know about booking of Marriage Slot in Tirumala for E Kalyana vedika.

What is TTD Kalyana Vedika?

Previously devotees need to arrange all the necessities and requirements for conducting their marriage on Tirumala Hill. The guest houses are available for booking from the CRO but the Purohit services etc need to be done on our own.

Now TTD board has started Kalyana Vedika, A dharmic platform to conduct the marriages in Bulk in Sri Vari Kalyana Mandapam. The slots and dates are scheduled as per the requirements of Groom and Bride. Marriage couples need to book their Marriage Slot via ttdsevaonline.com website.

ttd kalyana vedika marriages in tirumala

Instructions to Book Marriage Slot via TTD Kalyana vedika Scheme?

Hindu marriage is very ceremonial and spiritual other than any religion. Tirumala Board has given some guidelines to organize marriage on the adobe.

Bride and Groom should belong to Hindu Religion and they must have mutual family consent for marriage. The applicants must reach their maturity age 18 for bride and 21 for Groom.

Certificates and Identity Proofs must be produced while applying for the slot. Residential proofs such as aadhar card, Voter card are accepted.

Absence of parents at the time of marriage, Guardians can take their place by producing proper evidence of relationship with Marrying Couple.

Based on the demand and number of applied couples for marriage on a particular muhurtam, Group ceremonial marriages are also conducted.

Six persons such as Married couple, Guardians or Parents of both people are provided with Seegra Darshan of 300 Rupees after marriage Completion.

The newly wed counle are presented with Prasadams, Pasupu and Kumkum of the lord as a blessing for the occasion.

Marriage Registration certificate can be availed from the Registration Office situtated near by temple.

Download list of Marriage Items in Telugu or Tamil

Online booking Procedure for TTD E Kalyana Vedika for Marriage in Tirumala by TTD:

Visit ttdsevaonline.com website and select E-Kalyana vedika link. Select the muhurtham date after accepting the terms and conditions.

Fill the details of Bride and Groom one by one. After the filling of details confirm the details entered in the form and confirm to get the reservation slip.

Registered couple must produce and confirm their marriage slot before six hours at the Office in Tirumala.

If you need any more information comment or share your view below.

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  1. Ttd is the best website to book all tirumala anitha seva tickets and accommodation on tirumala. Thanks for such a great facility like arhatha seva tickets etc. They must start the tour operators for near by places as well.

    1. ch d nageswararao

      TTD is conducting two tours regularly from srinivasam 1. for local 5 temples and 2. for 7 temples surrounding tirupathi including surutipall. but due to lack of advertisement and competetion from private tour operators and taxi operators some times tours are getting cancelled. 5 temples tour aproximately is 6hours and 7 temples tour is aprox.8 to 9 hours. i had travelled in both tours and guides are doing exemplary good service. it is a nice experience, on our own we can even visiti the temples.

      1. Srinivasa Reddy beeram

        Swami,I need saamuhikaa Kalyana mandapaalu office address with phone numbers.bcz,I lost married conducted certificate done on 26th, December,2012 at 11 am.for to apply marriage certificate in revenue department in my home town darsi,prakasam district.please sent office phone number of saamuhikaa Kalyana mandapaalu office.

        Saranam ayyappa.
        Srinivasa Reddy beeram,
        Mobile:756 987 9776 whats app,
        888 688 0418.
        My name.srinivasa Reddy beeram,
        Aadhaar number:9682 4589 9321.
        My wife name:mallela v Satya lavnya Devi,
        Aadhaar number:8721 7840 9386.

      2. Namaste sir
        Is that the marriage will be held like samuhik or else individual family can get marry in temple

  2. bhavya kumari

    Tirumala kalyana vedika is a good thing for Marriages in tirumala with minimum cost. People who are interested a registered Hindu Marriage for free of cost. Apply as soon aspossible for faster marriage.

  3. bhanu chandra

    Sir we are two couples who are from a poor background But can we apply for Hindu marriage in Tirumala with TTD Kalyana Vedika for free of cost. Thanks for your kind help

    1. You cannot donate for Kalyana vedika scheme. Approach Donor Cell for more information about Donation schemes. If you want to give the small amounts below 1 Lak you need to use the corpus hundi.

  4. i want to get married at ttd and my cousin brother will be my guardian will that be ok for the marriage?i am a hindu bhramin amd the gal is even a hindu bhramin

    1. It is possible. Please approach the Help desk or nearest TTD Information center.You may check the eligibility and conditions in TTD Website.

    2. It is possible but not advisable. All TTD Kalyana Seva marriages are performed for sudra ceremony so it is not appropriate for brahmin caste.

  5. sir, we need to do marriage in tirumala on: 11th july 2018, we need to know the rules & regulations, procedures, fares and other activities details

    1. Respected sir/madam.
      We required ttd cottage to accommodate 50 to 60 persons in tirumala perform hindu wedding on 15 may 2021..Early morning 1.56am,
      Plz subject.
      With regards.
      Hemadri rao

  6. Hi,

    We want to do the re-marriage of our parents on the occasion of 60 years of my father birth. Is it possible to do the same?


  7. Sir ,we need to mariage in thirupati regulation and prodceure tel me sir free mariage available ttd may17 2019 mariage date


  9. can you plz guide me I want to marry some one.but we both have the cast differences we are eligible to apply for TTD Kalyana vedhika scheme in tirumala? Plz provide the information ?

  10. I want to apply for marriage with TTd Kalyana Vedika in thirumala what are the details are fill in the form ?can you plz guide me sir ?

  11. what are the documents are required to apply the marriage with TTd Kalyana Vedika in thirumala plz suggest me sir ?

  12. can u plz guide me without parents marriage is possible or not in ttd Kalyana Vedika ? I’m waiting sir plz give me reply ?

  13. i want to get marriage in ttd Kalyana Vedika so what are the certificates and identity proofs are need to submit the ttd Kalyana Vedika ?

  14. hello sir ..,I alredy got married in thirumala temple. where can I get the marriage registration certificate ?Plz help me sir

  15. I would like to know the more information about ttd Kalyana Vedika scheme can plz provide yourr mail id sir ?

  16. sir I’m already married since 2yrs back but I have a dream I want to marry again with my husband in ttd Kalyana Vedika at Tirupati is it possible or not plz tel me sir ?

  17. Our friends wanted to do the marriage. But both are religious problem they are not Hindus they are eligible or not in ttd Kalyana Vedika scheme ?Plz give me reply ?

  18. Tirumala kalyana vedika is a good thing for Marriages but I want to know one thing without parents nd guardients they do the Marriages or not ?Plz provide the information ?

  19. sir I’m from a very poor family recently my marriage date was fixed now I want to book the ttd Kalyana Vedika for marriage what is the process sir plz tel me .

  20. can you please tel me the instructions to book marriage slot to ttd Kalyana Vedika in online ?Plz help me sir

  21. I’m applying for my friends marriage but there is no parents or relatives is it possible to apply for marriage

  22. Is it possible to buy darshan tickets at a time for all members who are attending the marriage occasion

  23. i dont have father and want to marry in tirumala. is it possible to marry without any parents/gaurdians


    sir,Hare Krishna

    I am 30 years old devotee & servant of lord krishna and I want to merry but she is elder from me .Now she is 47 year.she is very good servant of lord.Both family are agree with is proposal.But we want to merry at tirumala .Request you please guide us how we will do marriage at ttd Kalyana Vedika

  25. Hi…my friend is planning for second marriage. He got divorce through court for his first marriage. Can he get married through TTD kalyanavedika by providing all related documents? Please confirm. Thank you.

  26. Hi. When will the ttd kalyana vedika marriage? I want to marry for my boyfriend but his parents wasn’t accepting for us. Please need to help us. How much we will pay fee for ttd kalyanavedika?

  27. Sir, my marriage happend in tirumala 2015, may 10 at puro hit sangam near nandakam guest house. At that they gave a marriage receipt . I lost that receipt. What is the procedure to get that receipt.

  28. Respected sir/madam.
    We required ttd cottage to accommodate 50 to 60 persons in tirumala perform hindu wedding on 15 may 2021..Early morning 1.56am,
    Plz subject.
    With regards.
    Hemadri rao

  29. Hi,Bhavya Garu
    I’m planning my marriage in the month of november at TTD, please let me know the procedure to complete all the formalities and booking in advance.


  30. Respected sir
    I SubodhSinha want to give marriage to my daughter in Tirumala devasthanam on 24/27 .01.22. May I get accommodation facility with kalyan Mandapam for 60 people .
    Please provide details
    Thanking you

  31. My Daughter getting marriage on 13th March 2022 in Bangalore in kalaya mandapa, and we want do remarriage on next day on 14th March 2022 at kalyana vedika,

    Please advice.

  32. Mallikharjuna Rao

    If groom is Hindu and bride is muslim
    Is TTD will accept it marriage in the presence of thier parents??

  33. Hi

    Could you please provide list of the things required for marriage in TTD kalyana vedika
    what are the certificates required for marriage in tirupathi

  34. Sir ,we book kalyana vedika for our marriage but unfortunately the guardian one member has not eligible to come Tirumalai so what we can do for that sir ? How we cancel our marriage or renter other person?

  35. can u plz guide me without parents marriage is possible or not in ttd Kalyana Vedika ? I’m waiting sir plz give me reply ?

  36. Most of the devotees are asking that neither the bride nor the groom’s parents are not accepting for marriage. Are the eligible for marriage in Kalana Vedika in TTD.

    Dear devotees, No, you cannot able to get married in TTD without parents or guardians. And both the Bride and Groom should be HINDU. Other religions are not permitted to get married in TTD.

    No second marriage and Love marriage will be permitted in TTD. Arranged marriage with the presence of parents with their individual address proofs and identity proofs will be permitted to get married.

    As of I believe I’ve cleared most of the devotees doubts.

    Om Name Venkatesaya.

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