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Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets Booking @ TTD CRO Office

Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets Current Booking in CRO office daily starts @ 2:00 PM to 11:59 PM. Know about Booking procedure, Darshan timings, Prasadam for Angapradakshin in Tirumala Sri venkateswara Swamy Temple.

Devotees have a very special provision to perform Angapradakshinam after the Silver Gate in Srivari Temple. This was an dharmic initiative for showing our devotion to Lord Govinda in Temple premises. Before knowing about Booking Procedure let us know what is Tirumala Angapradakshinam.

Piligrims or Devotees intersted to participate in Angapradakshin Seva must appear in a traditional attire or dress code. They must have a dip in Holy Pushkarini Located in North East Temple. With the same wet body should report the entry gate @ 12 30 PM. The temple main doors will be opened for Suprabatha Seva Darshanam @ 2:30 PM.

On this particular time First female Devotees allowed to participate in sacred act. Devotees will fall on the temple floor and roll round the ananda nilayam by chanting OM Namo Venkatesaya or Govinda! Govindaa!!

Devotees will be provided free darshan after the pradakshin from the Jaya Vijaya gate. A single Laddu for Subsidy rate 10 Rupees is provided for this darshan.

Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets online booking

Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets online or Current Booking:

Tickets are issued in first come first serve basis in CRO office @ tirumala. The number of tickets per each day is increased to 900. Participation is free of cost and one must require to produce his or her UID aadhar card. Bio-metric details are collected at the time of ticket issuing.

Devotees can avail a laddu token for 10 rupees in this darshan at the time of ticket booking. These pilgrims must report at VQC 2 Complex Q entry gate with wet clothes.

Asthma, Heart patients, Children below 8 years and pregnant ladies are not allowed to participate.

Timings for issuing tickets is 2:00 PM Daily at CRO office Basement till end of the day.

NOTE: No darshanam is provided on Friday Angapradakshinam tickets because of Poorabhishekam seva.

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47 thoughts on “Tirumala Angapradakshinam Tickets Booking @ TTD CRO Office”

  1. I personally do not agree or recommend any pooja or seeva linked to aadhar card . If person doesn’t have aadar card due to any reasons your are saying simple do not come to Tirupati or Tirumala.

    If I get a time I will challenge TTD decision on High court .

    1. Puru, There is Sarva darshana, Divya darshana and 300 Rs Special Entry tickets for the People who dont have Aadhar Card. Angapradakshinam and other sevas take a lot of time inside the temple. To restrict the no of peoples per day, they bring in some rules which every one should follow. Nobody said you not to come for tirupathi, Simply you cant challenge TTD. Have some common sense..

      1. Why you can;t challenge TTD , is the committee beyond the rules and God himself ?

        Mind you here I’m only challenging the Trust /Management , a lot needs to be done in the welfare of pilgrims .

        I recently went to Tirumala and had a bad experience with respect the arrnagements/ treatment done to the people who all fall under Sarva Darshan category .

    2. I am NRI, I did angapradakshinam without Aadhar card,
      I showed necessary document (US driving License and passport) to get the ticket.

      1. Thanks a lot for this information. As I am from Australia and want to do this pradakshina next time I go there.

      2. This is such a relief to me. I am right now standing in queue and I was worried that I don’t have my aadhar since I am a nri too and carried only passport.
        Thanks again! God doesn’t test for long my worry ended in an hour!
        Namo venkatesa!!!

  2. Subramanian Thiagarajan

    I want to know whether aadhar card is a must or any photo id like PAN card or Voter ID Card or Passport is acceptable. An early clarification is appreciated since we plan to do this seva this month end.

  3. I have a dout. on friday people are not allowed to perform angapradakshana or is it not allowed on saturday?

  4. Good evening, do we have Angapradakshina Seva on this Saturday (22-dec-2018), if yes can we get the tickets on Friday (21-dec-2018)

  5. Is it possible to get online tickets for Angapradakshina for Thursday 28/3/19.. can anyone pls suggest a link for booking

  6. Online ticket issue will be a good option…we didn’t have any guarantee to perform Angapradakshana even if we come in person….
    The problem with special darshan is there is no separate queue for ladies and gents…we women are amidst a crowd of men , which is not welcoming…. this is unavoidable also…so make some arrangements for worshipping the lord for quite some time..

  7. No Angapradakshinam on Friday.
    Could you please help to clarify whether
    1. the tickets are not provided on Thursday afternoon for Friday morning angapradhasam OR
    2. the tickets are not provided on Friday afternoon for Saturday morning angapradhasam.


  8. Malathi Nagarajan

    Is it possible to do Angapradakshinam during the month of Margazhi ( from 15th December 2019 to 14th January 2020).

  9. Om namo Venkateshaya
    Sir, It is good to know the details about angapradakshinam. Earlier, the tickets were issued @ 6 pm for angapradakshinam next day. Now the tickets are issued @ 2 pm. This means you need to be present at CRO by 12 noon. To make it easy for devotees, it will be good, if it is issued at 6 pm. This way one can plan to visit and have darshan within 24 hours.

    Om namo Venkateshaya

  10. Dear Sir/Mam

    I would like to perform “Angapradakshina” next week (30-31 Oct 2021) in the temple. May I know whether the seva is available? Are there any restrictions during this covid time?

    Kindly update me.


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