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Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking, Current & Lucky Dip Booking

Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets Book now in Online @ ttdsevaonline.com. How to get Kalyanotsavam Seva Tickets in Tirumala at CRO office in Current Booking, Random Allotment Lucky Dip. Kalyanam Tickets for newly married couples.

Kalyanotsavam or Kalyanam Arjitha Seva is performed daily for Sri Malayappa Swamy, Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. This seva will start at 11:00 AM in Srivari Kalyanamandapam in Temple. Around 2000 Devotees are allowed in this Seva. Only couples are allowed to participate and provided darshan. Let us have the details about this Seva booking, Reporting and darshan Details.

Price for Kalyanotsavam Seva Ticket: 1000 Rupees.

No of Persons allowed: 2 (Children below 12 years are allowed 3 Max).

Seva Performance Time: 11:00 AM daily.

Reporting Gate & Time: 10:00 AM at Supadam Q entry gate. (Very near to Main temple)

Dress Code: Traditional Attire for Men and Women. Saree & Dhoti for both.

How to Book the TTD Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets in Tirupati balaji website?

Every First Friday along with Random allotment or Lucky DIP, Online booking for Kalyanotsavam seva tickets is released @ 10:00 AM. More than 350 tickets are available to book.

Register an user if you do not have one in website. Check TTD User Registration process in other page beside.

Login at 10:00 AM on the first friday of every month to book the fourth month seva ticket. For example TTD will release kalayanam seva tickets for June in March.

Select Arjitha Sevas menu option. The available dates are shown green color in the calendar on the screen. All the options to book from now is same as other sevas. For quick booking to avoid blocking of transaction add the devotees details to saved pilgrims list.

Be sure that you complete the booking in 20 seconds till payment gateway because of huge rush and demand.

A service charge of 2% is layed on the booking price for online transaction fees.

Current Booking in TTD Counters, Kalyanamandapams and Post Offices:

In the same time 50 tickets in online are released in Separate quota for TTD Allotment Booking counters all over the state. For example where is a TTD building or Arjitham office in any city, you may expect a booking facility.

Even Suprabatha Darshanam, Thomala, Archana & Astadala with Nijapadam Darshanam are available in limited quantity. Only 50 tickets are available in this quota.

Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets at Random Lucky Dip Allotment in Tirumala CRO office:

Every Day 80 Kalyanam tickets are available for current booking at CRO office. They are allotted in a Random Allotment via lucky dip registration.

Time to report for lucky dip registration is 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Every day result are declared at 6:00 PM.

Once the mobile alert for ticket allotment is received, He or she must appear before 8:30 PM for ticket confirmation.

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          1. I want to book Kalyanam tickets for me and my husband. Please confirm me when will be available.

      1. మాకు ఆగష్ట్ 18 వ తేదిన మాపుట్టినరోజు కనుక మేము ఆతారీఖున స్వామివారి కళ్యాణం జరుపుటకు కళ్యాణం టిక్కెట్ కావలేను

        1. లక్ష్మణ శాస్త్రి వేలేటి

          కల్యాణం కొరకు 2దంపతులు12,మరియు17 సంవత్సరాల పిల్లలకు అనుమతి ఎలా

    1. I want Kalyanam tickets for 2 adults of age 37 and 29 husband and wife respectively and 2 kids of age 7 and 4 respectively. How can I get the tickets and when it is available.

      1. At present only Virtual Quota Tickets are allowed to Book. Refer Virtual Partticiapation page in tirupati balaji website. No participation of Kalyanotsavam seva is allowed in temple till further notice. Thank you.

          1. Kalyantosavam Tickets for direct participation are going to start from April 1 st 2022. Please revisit website for updated information

    2. K. V. R. Kumar

      మా 25 వ వివాహ దినోత్సవం ఆగష్టు26 2022 ఆ రోజుకు కళ్యాణం టిక్కెట్టు కావలెను

  1. sir, i desire to book for MELCHAT VASTRAM. It is not available in the monthly E booking lucky dip. This Thursday (14th june 2018) three tickets were available for the daily draw and i did not get it.
    I am given to understand that we require high level recommendation etc, which i am not able to believe.
    I am ready to wait for 5 years.
    could some noble soul guide me.

    1. Dear Ganesh. Melchat Vastram is a very rare seva and board was not able to give high in number. A common man cannot afford to book the Melchat Vastram ticket. I request you to try every friday in Lucky Dip. My recommendation is to try on Ganesh Chatuthi season, Exams times and other busy days.


    I have booked a ticket for kalyan utsav for 8 th oct 2018.The ref is TTD Online collect/Seq no 818716542637 o 06.07 2018.But I did not receive the online ticket but the payment has been made.Kindly look into the matter and send the ticket please.

  3. I have one year baby whether they allowed in kalyautsavam or not. What is the minimum age to attend

  4. Respected sir, i want kaylanotsavam tickets on December 2018. If it is available in December means on April 2019 i want tickets sir

  5. Respercted Sir,

    Actually i am looking for Kalyamnam tickets for January 2019 and Dharshan tickets for this month means Oct 2018 for four people(including two children age below 12 years). Kindly let me know how to get tickets.

  6. Every month 1st Friday TTD opening all seva tickets at TTD WEBSITE , this month TTD OPENED FEB tickets.

    So next month (Dec 7th)1st Friday 10a.m ,TTD Will OPEN MARCH Kalyanam tickets..

    Before Dec 7th you have to register in TTD website.

    Each login id you book one ticket only ,
    After open the tickets (10a.m to 11a.m)within one hour all Kalyanam tickets will booked.

    Kalyanam ticket cost 1000/- .

    Each ticket for 2 members .
    Bellow 12 age children tickets not required..


    i want 2 kalyanotsavam tickets in the month of Dec 2018 of 9th sunday. then what can i do to obtain the tickets. please reply

  8. Why is it that TTD gives most important to only Telugu speaking devotees. Doesn’t it consider others as Hindus? Why should the tickets be available only within AP (as per the above article). In fact, about 40% devotees are from Tamilnadu. The best part is the temple itself was built by Tamil King and were managing this for very long before it was gifted to AP after Indian independence.

    I tried to book Arjitha Seva ticket last night. But, i had very tough time in getting the user id created and verification done. By the time, I completed the authentication all the tickets were sold out. TTD should get its website fixed.

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    Om Namo Venkateshaya, Swami we want one Kalyanasthavam ticket on 30/06/2019. june 30th our marriage day.

  11. Om Namo Venkateshaya, Swami we want one Kalyanasthavam ticket on 15/09/2019. Sep’15th our

    Marriage day.

    Pl. Swami Reply

  12. Ttd website includes some seva names for booking? Which seva includes kalyanotsavam tickets?
    Please clear me this doubt immediately?

  13. Hi Sir,

    we had booked kalyanam ticket for two girl children by giving one of my chils as male. Is there any problem.


    We want Kalyanam Tickets for 5 Members on November 2019. What is the process? Pl. tell me and how to pay the payment and which amount.

  15. Hi Team,

    I understand that 350 Kalyanotsavam tickets are available online , remaining 50 on lucky dip and 80 tickets at counters. Then where are the other tickets distributed. Please help me I have been trying to get Kalyanotsavam tickets from past 5 months online.
    Thank you

  16. Harikumar Garapati

    I am looking for Kalynotsavam ticket for me on 18th or 19th Dec. Online quota is fully booked, is thare any other option to get Kalynotsavam ticket?

  17. suroj vanitha suroj rammohan loyapally anitha loyapally narsingh rao

    15/12/2019 పెండ్లి రోజు ఉన్నది మాది కావున మాకు శ్రీవారి కల్యాణం చేయడానికి కల్యాణం టికెట్స్ నాలుగు కావలెను
    4 tikets కావలి

  18. I am looking to book Kalyanotsavam Seva tickets in month of August. Kindly let me know availability and when shall i book the tickets for August month.

      1. Kalyanotsavam Ticket is available to book and participate in Virtual Quota only. Please check with TTD homepage.

  19. I have to perform Srivari Kalyanam in January 2022. Two daughters and one son.
    Kindly intimate the date so that I can book the kalyanam tickets before 15.12.2021.

    With warm regards,

    Sunil Kumar,
    All India Radip, Hyderabad

  20. Chandra Sekhar Thimmapathruni

    We need 3 kalyanotsavam tickets for November 19th 2022. If possible please let us know. Thanks.

  21. I want to perform Kalyanam tickets for my family of 5 members. Kalyanam to be performed between 1st to 31st October 2022.
    Kindly intimate the availability on my mobile 9985979960.

  22. Maku kalyanam ticket 1 janta ki August 20 kavali a roju ma marriage day sandarbam ga Swami vari manadapam lo chiyinchukovaliani anukuntuntunnamu maku 1st marriage day andi

  23. Chandra Shekar

    Hello Sir,

    We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and will be visiting India for a short duration from the US. Is it possible for us to get 4 tickets for any seva available on July 1st ? Also, 2 to 4 additional tickets for our extended family members is appreciated!

    Thank You.

  24. Rishabh Mishra


    I want Kalyanam darshan ticket for 4 Person+ 2 kids (Below 8 Year). Kindly provide the support for the ticket.

  25. Rajendrasinh Vaghela

    I have any seva ticket rs five to two thousands date 6th december 23 slot time any please information on line book ticket rp vaghela9945@gmail com mono. 9979544059

  26. Ijanagiri Bala naresh

    Hi sir and madam plz tell me kalyanam ticket 26/2/24
    Tickets available sir and madam plz tell me?
    And which date release tell me

  27. Ijanagiri Bala naresh

    Hi sir and madam plz tell me kalyanam tickets is 26/2/24 available sir and madam plz tell me and which date release tell me?

  28. Ijanagiri Bala naresh

    Hi sir and madam plz tell me Kalyanam tickets is 26/ 2/24 available ? And which date release tell me sir and madam plz tell me plz ?

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