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Arunachalam Giri Pradakshinam 2024 Dates Temple Darshan Schedule Trip Details

Arunachalam Temple Pournami Girivalam (GiriPradakshina) dates Timings, Darshan Booking Accommodation Check now.

Sri Arunachala Shiva temple is one of the sacred Siva shrines of Panchaboota Lingams (Five Elements). In Hinduism entire universe is made of five spiritual elements of Fire, Land, Water, Sky, Air. Tiruvannamali Shiva Temple is considered as Agni (Fire) lingam. Lord Shiva according to Hindu Puranas appeared in form a Fiery Column to provide Light to universe. Every Year a Sacred Jyoti is lit on adobe of Arunachala Mountain to symbolize Agni Lingodbavam.

Legend of Arunachala (Tiruvannamalai) Temple:

Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati Devi were depicted as ADI Couple in every Hindu Puranas. There was a time once both of them are playfully engaged in dwelling kailasa gardens, Lady Parvati Closed eyes of Lord Shiva for a brief moment. The entire light in universe was gone in an instant and for the sake of all living beings Lady Parvati corrected her mistake by performing a Severe Penance along with Rishis and Saints on Kailasa. Lord Shiva has provided a supreme light by appearing on Top of Arunachala Mountain top as a Fire Column which illuminated all the worlds.

In another account Lord Bramha (Creator of all beings) & Lord Vishnu (Preserver of all worlds balance) has met with a stalemate to know who is great among them. Shiva Bagwan who as the ultimate destroyer of all Cosmos appeared as a pillar of Light between them and told them to find the ends of his manifestation. Vishnu bagawan has taken Varaha Avatar again and started to dig in to the earth to find the root the Lord. He accepted his defeat to find the source and thus the pillar of light made him aware of his spiritual conscience.

In Reality Arunachalam Temple visit will awaken anyone who is in deep slumber with worldly attachments and selfishness to attain moksha by Spiritual transformation. Living god Sri Ramananda Maharshi lived out his life completely in Tiruvannamalai and attained moksha.

How to Reach Arunachala Shiva temple by Bus Air & Train?

Tamil Nadu is the heart of Indian Shiva Temples. Majority of top 10 Shiva temples all over the country are in the land of Tamil. Arunachalam temple complex is in the town of Tiruvannamalai. Tiruvannamalai town can be reached by bus from Chennai, Madurai, Kanchi, Tirupati, Puducherry (Pondicherry) & Vellore.

Nearest Railway Junction station for Arunachalam Temple are Tindivanam JN, Jolarpetai JN & Villupuram Junction. Railway station code is TNM.

Chennai & Madurai are only nearest Airports for International Travellers.

Significance of Arunachala Giri Pradakshinam 2024:

Hindus where ever in the country during their temple visit offer Pradakshinams as a penance or worship for god. Pradakshinam means making clockwise rotations around temple Garbhalayam. Since Arunachleswara Swamy manifested himself on top of the mountain every inch of its foothold is considered as sacred. Only shrine of Shiva Temple w\hich people offer Giri Pradakshina in India otherthan Mount kailasa is Tiruvannamalai.

Sri Ramana Maharshi actively encouraged his followers and disciples to take Giri Pradakshina round the Arunachala Hill as many times as possible. Many of devotees who knowingly or unknowingly about its sacredness have blessed by Lord Annamalai Swamy. Chanting OM Arunachaleswaaraya namahaa! While offering Giri Pradakshina has brought wonders to many people who are in quest of Mental Inner Peace and their everyday life.

At present people can offer Giri pradakshina on any day of their desire, But huge number of devotees visit on Pournami Day or Full moon day for Giri Pradakshina. Around 3 Lak people visit on average on Full moon day & on Kartika Pournami day this number may reach 1 to 1.6 Million.

Check Tiruvannamalai Arunachalam Pournami Giri Pradakshinam dates 2024:

MonthPournami Dates & Timings
January6th 02:14 AM to 7th 04:37 AM
February4th 09:30 PM to 5th 11:58 PM
March6th 04:17 PM to 7th 06:10 PM
April5th 09:19 AM to 6th 10:04 AM
May4th 11:44 PM to 5th 11:03 PM
June3rd 11:16 AM to 4th 09:11 AM
July2nd 08:21 PM to 3rd 05:08 PM
August1st 03:51 AM to 2nd 12:01 AM 30th 10:58 AM to 31st 07:05AM
September28th 06:49 PM to 29th 03:27 PM
October28th 04:17 AM to 29th 01:53AM
November26th 03:53 AM to 27th 02:45 PM
December26th 05:46 AM to 27th 06:02 AM

How to start Arunachalam Giri Pradakshina in Tiruvannamalai?

Previously the complete path of Giri Pradakshina route was unpaved. At present with huge response to Pournami Girivalam Arunachalam Temple authorities have developed Giri Pradakshina route suitable for walking at any time.

Starting point of Giripradakshinam is West Gopuram of Sri Arunachaleswar swamy temple complex.

There are numerous entry points round the pradakshina path, but devotees visit all the 8 small Shiva temples in the way.

First visit the Arunachala Temple & Start your pradakshinams by offering a Coconut & lighting a Camphor before the starting point.

Carry a Japamala and Chant OM ARUNACHALESWARAAYA NAMAHAA!!!! As many times as possible.

Complete distance of the Giripradakshinam is 15 KM approximately. There are 8 small Shiva temples constructed in 8 Directions of the holy mountain.

After completion of your Giri Pradakshina Visit Temple Entry gate for darshan of Sri Arunachaleswara Swamy & Unnamalai Ammal.

Check Arunachalam Giri Pradakshina Route Map, Temples list & Guides.

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